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Create | Engage | Convert



we work with clients to develop websites, build their social presence through increasing SEO relevance, capture images for enrichment of content and create, develop and evolve


red diesel key features

individual care for individuals and companies, no matter the size

Clean design

simple and unique

Individual care

individual and company needs

Attention to detail

attention to detail is our expertise

Research driven

research is the cornerstone of our approach

Mobile friendly

social media relevance

Photography that evokes

photos that enhance business presence

About red diesel creative

built from the ground up, a true testament of true grit and perseverance

we take our clients needs and raise them above and deliver exceptional services tailored to each client

we deliver services that speak volume and allow for a business to grow and expand

Meet the team

the people who make up red diesel creative

Rick Dang

lead developer, CEO

Aneta Dang

creative design, CEO

Our Clients

we believe good service speaks for itself

What we do

Our abilities

one on one engagements and attention to detail sets us apart


  • generate
  • establish
  • invest


  • conceive
  • generate
  • construct


  • emerge
  • expand
  • advance


establish your business